• No one except the riders officially entered may ride or practice on the course during the event.

  • It is the duty and responsibility of the rider to determine the class in which he or she belongs. Whatever class you race outdoors is your class indoors. Example: C class outdoors = Novice in Arenacross.

  • Officials may move riders up based on written or published proof that the rider has competed in a higher class.

  • Officials will not move someone up just because they are fast.

  • You must have proof that a rider rode in a higher class. Note: A lower class had to have been offered at that event as an option.

  • All classes are modified classes.

  • Officials are not responsible for locating riders before their event.

  • A rider must be on the starting Line & complete one Lap under their own power in the main to be scored for the event. They Must Cross the finish Line at checked flag. A rider who crashed or leaves the track before checkered flag or can not cross the finish line at the checked will receive a DNF

  • If a moto must be red flagged because of a rider or riders obstructing the progress and safety of the moto that rider or riders will not be allowed to restart the moto unless allowed by the race official.

  • If a rider leaves the course for ANY reason they must reenter the track at the safest possible point nearest their point of exit. But not at a point where they improve their positionor to avoid being passed/ to save position. Race officials will determine cutting the course going around a jump or obstacle. Penalty is 5 finishing spots. This infraction will be judged on a case by case basis.

  • In the event of a rider jumping the starting device and deemed gaining an advantage, before the starting gate is released, either by running through the gate or going over top of the gate, the rider shall be penalized one lap. The riders front tire must be no further then 12 inches back from the gate.

  • A malfunction of the starting gate will be the race officials decision.

  • If for any reason the race must be stopped it will be considered complete if the leading rider has completed over 50% of the laps. Example: 3 laps completed in a 5 lap race.

  • Pro rule:  Lapped riders must move over or be black flagged.

  • Jan 1, 2020 determines which age group you ride. You must ride in your age group.

  • (Age Freeze Date) All rider age groups for the current calendar year will be Frozen as of Jan 1st 2020. Whatever age you are as of Jan 1st 2020 is the age group you will compete in through the AX Season.

  • Vet Classes: Age is determined as of event date.  Older can race down.  Younger cannot race up.

  • Riders who have been issued an AMA Pro Motocross or AMA Pro Supercross license or an FIM MXGP license, and earned a professional point are not eligible for any “B”, “C”, or “Sportsman” class,i.e., College (18-24), Vet 25, Vet 30, or Vet 40 class. Vet racers cannot compete in both Pro and Vet classes.

  • Yellow flag situation: NO Passing, NO Double jumping, and NO Tripling in the yellow flag area. NO improving of position. Penalty is a minimum of one lap position per infraction. Maximum penalty is Disqualification. This will be a decision of the race official.

  • The white flag is a courtesy flag. It is not necessary to display the white flag at the beginning of the final lap.

  • Any verbal harassment or physical abuse of officials will be grounds for permanent disqualification.

  • No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances will be allowed on the track or pit area. Riders should not use any of the above mentioned substances before or during an event as long as they remain in competition. Any rider that is impaired will not be allowed to compete.

  • A rider is responsible for the actions of their Pit Crew. Infractions by riders Pit crew or associated spectators will be grounds for penalties against that rider.

  • No membership required.

  • Cash Only, no checks accepted no exceptions. Credit cards only accepted on computer pre-entries.

  • No refunds on pre-entries, no day of refunds once the first practice has started.

  • All personnel entering the pit area must have a pit pass.

  • All Classes except some secondary classes are run each night and are scored separately. Plaques/Awards are given each night.

  • 250F classes include the 250 two strokes, a 250 two stroke can run either 250F or  450F class 250F’s can run both 250F and 450F class.

  • Don’t start your motorcycles in the building or indoors pit. Warm them up outside. The only place your machine should be running in on the track or when the race director instructs you to start your engine.

  • All ATV’s must have a working pull away or helix type kill switch. They will be checked.

  • ATV’s:  Max width 50 inches

  • ATV”: 300cc and above must have Nerf bars. Nerf bars are recommended on mini ATV’s

  • Mini ATV Rules:  Mini ATV Beg (Ages 4-12) 0-90cc 2-stroke *Production, 0-125cc 4-stroke *Production No race specific Quads Example DRRs etc. (Non points class)

  • Mini ATV Adv (Ages 4-14) 0-125cc 4-stroke *Stock/Mod, 0-90cc 2-stroke *Stock/Mod Includes race specific Quads Example DRRs etc.

  • Youth ATV Open (Ages 8-16 male) (Ages 0-100 female) 0-125cc 2-stroke *Modified, 0-300cc 4-stroke

  • *Production-The same motor & frame that came in the bike at production *Modified- ATV must retain stock frame

  • 50cc beginner class: age 4-6 Training wheels allowed. Bikes allowed: Honda XR 50, Honda CRF 50, KTM Mini Adventure, KTM SX mini, Suzuki JR50, Yamaha TTR 50, Yamaha PW50, Cobra P3, Cobra PW3, Cobra G1. 50cc Beg riders can race 50 4-6 class as second class.

  • 50cc 4-6 bike requirements: 36″ wheel base max, 24″ seat height, 10″ wheels. No Senior bikes are allowed in the 50cc 4-6 class, 50 Beginner,

  • 50cc Air Cooled approved machines: PW50, TTR50, JR50, CRF50

  • Junior bikes can be ran in either 4-6 or 7-8 classes depending on age. All senior bikes must run in 7-8 class regardless of age. All 50cc Air Cooled bikes must be within production cc limits. Junior bikes must have stock production components. All 50cc Senior bikes must run in 50cc 7-8 and open class only.

  • All 50cc, 65cc and 85cc bikes must be production cc and OEM wheel sizes. No big bores allowed in 85cc class.

  • 65cc have a max wheel size of 14” and a min 12”. Must function through multiple speed gear box.

  • 85 Beginner normally means one year racing or less. Big wheels and CRF 150’s are allowed.

  • 85cc 7-11 any skill level allowed. No Big Bores allowed.

  • 85cc 12-16 any skill level allowed. No Big Bores allowed.

  • 85 Open:  No beginners allowed.

  • A Super Mini is 85cc – 112cc or CRF-150 with a max wheel size 16″ rear and 19″ front.

  • Super Mini’s over 85cc or big wheel ride Schoolboy or supermini classes only.

  • Beginner class normally means you have been riding 1 year or less. If you win 3 races within series you may be moved up. Past years champions will be moved up.

  • 250/450 beginners: may not jump finish line or do the triple.

  • No late practice, one practice per practice order.

  • Protest of age or rider ability must have proof from local tracks score sheets or print outs.

  • Flagging is done in sections. Amateurs – No doubling or passing in yellow sections. White flag is courtesy flag only, may or may not be waved. Checkered flag is finish of race regardless of laps. Red flag stops race and race is started over. Blue/Yellow flag is for lapped riders to move over out of the way.Pro riders can double in yellow sections. Pro riders do race and jump under yellow, pro riders do not jump or pass under red cross flag. No improving position under yellow flag . Penalty is a minimum of one lap per infraction.

  • Pro rule:  You can not ride a different bike in your heat and main without prior approval from the race director. You must finish the race on the same bike you started on. The race starts once you pull into staging.

  • Gate pick is determined by signup. Your heat finish will determine your main gate pick order.

  • All riders in all classes must wear helmet, goggles and motorcycle boots.

  • Track officials reserve the right to make all final decisions.

  • We suggest using a smokeless oil. Excessive smoking will get you disqualified. Tuning  or warming up of bikes/quads must be done outside.

  • If a rider is found to of entered in a class that is beyond his/her level of riding ability officials reserve the right to ask that rider to move down in classification to a class that better suits their ability.

  • It takes at least three bikes to make a class. If any class has less than four entries officials will safely combine the class with another class and run them together but score them separately.

  • Bike Identification: All bikes/quad must have VISIBLE numbers to be scored. Big bike numbers must be a minimum of 6” and be displayed on all side plates/front # plate. Small bikes numbers must be a minimum of 5” and be on all side plates/front # plate. Two digit numbers are requested for all 50cc competitors. All quads must have front and rear stationary number plates with a minimum 6” numbers.

  • Competition Apparel: 1. It is the sole responsibility of the rider to select a helmet and apparel, which will provide appropriate protection. We do not endorse or certify any manufacturers or products. The rider must rely on his own judgment in the selection of any helmet and apparel for durability and safety. 2. A rider must wear a helmet at all times. Helmets must be of the full-face or fullcoverage type. All riders must utilize a shatterproof face shield or shatterproof goggles. The helmet must conform to one of the following recognized standards and have a label affixed certifying its approval:• Snell M 2005 or DOT FMVSS 218 It is recommended that all competitors display the following information on the base of his/her helmet: name, drug allergies and blood type. 4. Protective pants made of durable material must be worn in all competition. 5. Boots must be worn in all competitions. They must be at least eight inches high with laces, buckles or zippers, or specially designed and constructed for leg and foot protection.

  • Not everyone makes it to the main. The number of gates on the line determines how many will ride in the main. If you do not transfer directly to the main you will go to the LCQ. The rest of the main event line up will be filled with the qualifiers from the LCQ. If a qualifying racer drops out of the main, there will be NO alternates: there are 12 gates, the alternates are built into the system with 13 to 14 transferring.

  • Late entries will be allowed even after qualifying. Until gate is filled -1st come first served. These riders will take any remaining last gate after the qualified riders take their gate in a Main event. They will fill the LCQ if they get there in time to make the LCQ.



The 2020/2021 season starts October 10th

  • There will be 13 rounds.
  • All points count, to be eligible for championship points a rider must attend 9 of the 13 rounds.
  • The awards banquet will be March 6th.  tickets are $ 12.50 per ticket,  championship riders are free.  Every one must purchase a ticket to enter.  Kids 3 and under free.  Lunch will be 11am to 12pm.  Awards will start at 12pm. 
  • If you are a championship rider and unable to attend banquet, you must make arrangements for your awards.  We will not ship.
  • Championship riders will receive a championship ring, trophy and will get a vip card good for a FREE second class in season 2021/2022.
  • Everyone entering an event MUST PURCHASE A PIT PASS.
  • 3 years and younger are free.


(only pro payout, 250 and 450 20 Lap Challenge with 5 bikes or more!)
1st place


2nd place


3rd place


4th place


5th place